Who We Are

Abel Inspection & Testing Technology Services(AiT), providing Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI/FRI Final Random Inspection), Quality Control(QC/QA Quality Assurance), factory audit & Container Loading Supervision services in China for clients around the world, is a third party inspection service company. With more than 20-year’s experiences in the sphere, our mission is to help buyers targeting the right products and manufacturers improving the quality and service consistently. With the philosophy of providing service to cover all interests for the partnership, we focus to achieve win-win situation business environment so as to generate a good sales volume.

Our expertise in third party inspection service companies

We have qualified inspectors who have been fully trained and experts who have worked in manufacturers for many years. Therefore we not only provide normal third party inspection services as other companies do, but provide valued-added third party inspection services such as improving consultation for production and QA system, to satisfy all parts in the business of world trade.

Our response is immediate, our manner is professional, our charge is reasonable and our communication is easy. We are happy to answer you any questions about quality controls and third party inspection services.



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